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Le CNNIC a renforcé la surveillance sur les noms de domaine.
Le gouvernement Chinois a récemment mis en place plusieurs organismes pour contrôler les sites, forums, vidéos, réseaux sociaux et blogs dans l’optique de purifier le web.
Notre site a été traduit en français ! De plus en plus de clients français peuvent désormais connaître notre entreprise par ce site.
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  About OverFlight
Established in 2003, OverFlight provides enterprises professional Branding, E-Commerce, and IT Solutions, from Development Strategy to Marketing, from Internal Management to Marketing Development. Our target is to key long-term cooperation relationship with excellent enterprises and be their reliable IT consultant to assist them to achieve their business target and continuous value.

Why is OverFlight?

•  The experienced team, who finds the most     competitive IT solutions for you.

•  The consultants and developers, who have     flexibility to integrate the different culture     in the different fields

•  We are in goods terms with all the famous     software and hardware vendors, within     which, we can pick up the most suitable     one to meet your limited budget.

OverFlight, your tailor-made IT consultant
  “We are pleased to have Overflight as our business partner. The fast and efficient service with a prompt answering of different requests is highly appreciated.”
- Mr. Hendricks
Finance Manager
“OverFlight provides us all-directional e-marketing service, which help us improving sales performance and company image.”
- Andy Bai
Marketing Dept.
Mercedes-Benz Dealer
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